Our Vision

To inspire, enable, and instill in learners the confidence that “I can do math”


Eagles of Tomorrow


Eagles of Tomorrow Education Society has its origins in an initiative to bridge systemic gaps in mathematics fundamentals among Aboriginal children in inner city schools in Vancouver, Canada.

Rahael Koshy Jalan, a mathematician by profession, was asked to help with issues that hindered math proficiency among Aboriginal students.

Many Aboriginal students have the gift for learning Math but are underrepresented in the challenging Principles of Math 12 (POM 12) course and overrepresented in the Math courses that do not lead to a future in post-secondary education.

Rahael’s efforts to provide a means for enabling Aboriginal students to succeed in Mathematics resulted in the creation of the workbooks “The Language of Mathematics”.

Tangible success was achieved in June 2009, when two students of Aboriginal ancestry successfully graduated from Britannia Secondary School with POM 12…A FIRST at Britannia, where 30% of students are of Aboriginal ancestry. The program expanded to Templeton Secondary School and Windermere Secondary School in Vancouver.

Eagles of Tomorrow Education Society is a registered Canadian charity - founded by Rahael Koshy Jalan.

Eagles of Tomorrow

The success of Aboriginal students in the math program in Canada triggered its expansion to township children in South Africa.

In 2009, the “Math Yes We Can” program, which includes “The Language of Mathematics” workbooks, was launched by Rahael Koshy Jalan at Fezeka Secondary School, in the township of Gugulethu, Cape Town, South Africa.

The workbooks are designed to fill in the “gaps” and help students succeed in high school mathematics required for post secondary education.

Inspired by the success of the Program among African children Eagles of Tomorrow Africa has been established in partnership with Eagles of Tomorrow.

The goal is to expand the program and provide enhanced educational opportunities for marginalized children in underprivileged areas of Africa with a focus on mathematics and science.

The creation of Eagles of Tomorrow Africa is spearheaded by Vimbai Nyatsambo.

Due to the success of the “Math Yes We Can” program, several other organizations are also utilizing the program.

Enthused by the successes of the math program in Canada and South Africa, the expansion of the program to India was initiated in 2016.

Our vision is, in part, a reflection of our work so far, and it is also a shared commitment to lead and innovate with the help of our partners and our learners.

To offer the “Math Yes We Can” program in schools or communities, contact us

In Canada: info@eaglesoftomorrow.ca

In Africa: vimbai@eaglesoftomorrow.co.za