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Rahael Jalan joined the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College (SIFC) which is federated with the University of Regina, in 1989. She was appointed Head of the Science Department in 1990. The SIFC Science Department was established in 1988. The primary objective of the department is to provide first and second year pre-professional university level courses. However, most Aboriginal students come to university with competencies in mathematics at about grade 9 or 10 level. The largest number of university students dropped out in the first and second year. Completion and success rates were very low. When students drop out for academic reasons or they are required to discontinue, the main cause is usually mathematics. Mathematics is a prerequisite for many other subjects.

By 1992 SIFC Science had established an access program and offered the first and second year University Math and Science courses. Before the courses were introduced in 1992, Aboriginal student participation in the faculties of Medicine, Nursing, Engineering, Business Education at the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina was very low. The numbers have increased significantly since then.

The methods and materials Rahael Jalan developed were successfully used to help Aboriginal students make the transition to University. They continue to be used.



In September 2004 Rahael Jalan, developed and authored “The Language of Mathematics” workbooks. Prior to the introduction of the workbooks to Grade 8 students in 2004 at Britannia Secondary School, no Aboriginal student graduated with Principles of Math 12 (POM 12) at Britannia, where 30% of the students are of Aboriginal ancestry. POM 12 is a basic requirement for admission to post secondary education.

Tangible success was achieved in June 2009, when two students of Aboriginal ancestry successfully graduated from Britannia Secondary School with POM 12, …A FIRST at Britannia. In June 2010, 3 students of Aboriginal ancestry FROM ALTERNATIVE PROGRAMS completed POM 12; one of them graduated from Britannia on the school honor roll …ONCE AGAIN A FIRST at Britannia. The program expanded to Templeton Secondary School and Windermere Secondary School in Vancouver.

In June 2012, Windermere Secondary School graduated its first ever Aboriginal student with Math 12. Her story was reported in the Vancouver Sun, a local newspaper.

Alan Reid is the first Aboriginal student to graduate from Templeton Secondary School with Principles of Math 12 which he completed in Grade 11 in 2012 and Advanced Placement Calculus which he completed in 2013.

Alan was accepted to the Math Honors Degree program at UBC for September 2013. He has successfully completed his first year at UBC.


The NEC Native Education College is BC’s largest private Aboriginal College.

The NEC offers programs leading to the BC Adult Graduation Diploma and college certificates and diplomas for students who wish to have:

* Completion of grade 12 high school graduation requirements,

* Receipt of BC Adult Dogwood Diploma. Courses include Math / English / Various Electives

NEC uses the “Language of Mathematics” workbooks for Math Courses, for Grade 12 High School graduation requirements.

The NEC offers a Summer Mathematics Program for High School students of Aboriginal ancestry and the “Language of Mathematics” program, in partnership with Dr. Rahael Jalan.



Fezeka Secondary School, Gugulethu, Cape Town, South Africa

In 2009, the “Math Yes We Can” program was launched in a township school in South Africa to replicate the very successful Britannia project involving “The Language of Mathematics” workbooks for Aboriginal students. The success of Aboriginal students in mathematics at Britannia Secondary School in Canada has an impact on township children in South Africa.

“The learners that started the programme in 2009 were our matriculants of 2012. It was very easy to teach them from grades 10 up to 12 because of the programme. That group of learners were also the first “born frees “(born in 1994 when Nelson Mandela became President of South Africa) of our country to matriculate and they got good results in mathematics from their final matric examinations, as a result the school achieved a pass rate which is the top one for the schools in Gugulethu”. – Percival Zihlangu, Senior Mathematics Teacher, Fezeka Senior Secondary.

The top 12 students in Grade 12 Mathematics had all completed the “The Language of Mathematics” workbooks. The top student was accepted to Engineering at the University of Cape Town. Another is in the Physiotherapy program at the University of Cape Town. Two students are in the B.Sc. program at the University of the Western Cape. The 2012 matric students got very good results in Physics. Success in mathematics goes a long way to success in other subjects.

Herbie Hancock

Rahael Koshy Jalan & Laura Egdorf - 2009


To offer the “Math Yes We Can” program in schools or communities, contact us

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