Feedback from program participants

Rahael's math program is the first math program that has been successful with my students.  I have been teaching at Britannia since 1971 (over 40 years), in Class 8J-9J at Britannia.  In those years I have presented to my students many of the suggested programs being taught in the B.C. curriculum.  None of them were successful which is why Rahael was brought in, in the first place.  Rahael worked closely with my students and with me to finally create a math program that works. I will continue with Rahael's Language of Mathematics program and my students will attend her summer camp through NEC, as they are familiar with her course of studies and are experiencing such success with it.
Mary-Jo Campbell
Teacher, Class 8J-9J Britannia Secondary School, Vancouver, June 2011
I feel the “Math Yes We Can” program highlights the simplicity of mathematics and emphasizes the critical importance of foundational skills while acknowledging the complicated challenges and circumstances of life, which many of our learners are coping with. This has been a fantastic program that promises to make a profound difference not only in learners’ maths results but also in other areas such as boosting their confidence in their existing abilities.
Phillip Mcelu
Tutor, Cape Town, South Africa
Excellent teaching and learning process. Through the soul, her stories have touched my soul. I am deeply touched. God bless you. Many thanks a million times
Nisha Mahedivata
Teacher, Mother’s School, Baroda, India
We were able to understand difficult concepts with ease and learning maths was fun.
Vishesh Patel
Student, Baroda High School, Alkapuri, India

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