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To inspire, enable, and instill in learners the confidence that “I can do math”.

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Our History

Eagles of Tomorrow Education Society has its origins in an initiative to bridge systemic gaps in mathematics fundamentals among Aboriginal children in inner city schools
in Vancouver, Canada.

In 2004, Rahael Koshy Jalan, a mathematician by profession, was asked to help with issues that hindered math proficiency among Aboriginal students.

Many Aboriginal students have the gift for learning Math but are underrepresented in the challenging Math 12 course and overrepresented in the Math courses that do not lead to a future in post-secondary education.

Rahael’s efforts to provide a means for enabling Aboriginal students to succeed in Mathematics resulted in the creation of the books “The Language of Mathematics”.

Tangible success was achieved in June 2009, when two students of Aboriginal ancestry successfully graduated from Britannia Secondary School with Principles Of Math 12…A FIRST at Britannia, where 30% of students are of Aboriginal ancestry. The program expanded to Templeton Secondary School and Windermere Secondary School in Vancouver.

Eagles of Tomorrow Education Society is a registered Canadian charity – founded by Rahael Koshy Jalan.

The Math Program is an amazing program. I see the positive progress in the students that I continue to work with during the school year. Without this program our students would not be able to complete any level of the Regular High School Principles of Mathematics required for post secondary programs.
Melissa Van Vliet
Head Teacher at Outreach Alternative Program, Britannia Secondary School, Vancouver
I wanted to pursue my dreams to be a nurse and to obtain the requirements that a nurse needs. This includes Math 10 and 11 Pre-Calculus. I learned critical thinking, problem solving, understanding of the math language, and help with daily life activities.
Destiny Hunter
Student at Outreach Alternative Program, Britannia Secondary School, Vancouver

Encouraged by the effectiveness of the “Math Yes We Can” program, several organizations are implementing it to improve student success in mathematics

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The success of Aboriginal students in the math program in Canada triggered its expansion to township children in South Africa.

In  2009  the ‘Math Yes We Can’ program which includes usage of ‘The Language of Mathematics’ books was launched by Dr. Rahael Koshy Jalan at Fezeka Secondary School, in the township of Gugulethu, Cape Town, South Africa.

Eagles of Tomorrow Africa under the leadership of Vimbai Nyatsambo was established in partnership with Eagles of Tomorrow.

The goal is to provide enhanced educational opportunities for marginalized children in underprivileged areas of Africa with a focus on mathematics and science.

The creation of Eagles of Tomorrow Africa is spearheaded by Vimbai Nyatsambo.

I feel the “Math Yes We Can” program highlights the simplicity of mathematics and emphasizes the critical importance of foundational skills while acknowledging the complicated challenges and circumstances of life, which many of our learners are coping with. This has been fantastic program that promises to make a profound difference not only in learners’ maths results but also in other areas such as boosting their confidence in their existing abilities.
Phillip Mcelu
Tutor, Cape Town, South Africa
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Inspired by the successes of the “Math Yes We Can” program in Canada and South Africa, Ms. Nandini Sonthalia and Ms. Swati Bedekar initiated the expansion of the program to India.

In March 2017 the “Maths Yes We Can Education LLP” was registered to implement the “Math Yes We Can” program in India. The education community in Vadodara, India, was quick to take advantage of the opportunity to train their teachers & familiarize them with “The Language of Mathematics” books.

Ms. Anjali Dave, Trustee for the Baroda High School, with extensive experience in teaching mathematics was very keen to bring the program to the Baroda Lions Club Educational Trust schools. In June 2016, Ms. Dave invited Dr. Rahael Koshy Jalan to conduct the first math teacher training workshop in India. In Dec. 2016 workshops were conducted at the Community Science Centre, Vadodara, where teachers and principals from various schools attended.

In Jan. 2017 the Faculty of Education at the M. S. University of Baroda organized a “Math Yes We Can” program seminar for B.Ed. students. The success of the workshops led to the implementation of the program in school classrooms in Vadodara, India. Feedback from teachers and students has been very positive.

Several teacher training sessions were held in Mumbai including one at the Bombay Teachers” Training College in Feb.2020

In 2019 Dr. Jalan conducted a workshop at the GWI centenary celebrations. Interest was shown by many countries.

In August 2019 a presentation was made at the M.C.E.Society’s Abeda Inamdar Senior College in Pune, India.
The vision of this college is to impart higher education to the disadvantaged sections of society with a particular emphasis on girls education.

In March 2020, the ”Math yes We Can” program was implemented in the college.

Too good, informative, interesting, simple to emulate, riveting and extremely captivating power of speech and delivery of the presenter. Please come down every year for more such workshops. You are too good to be missed.
Poornima Menon
Anand Vidya Vihar
Mrs. Jalan was superb. Her concept clarity is awesome. She explained different concepts with such simple methods that they became most tempting to be used in class. Great 2days!!
Priyadarshini Kelkar
New Era Secondary School

Traditional Indian Welcome to Baroda, India. Baroda High School, Alkapuri 21/06/16, First workshop in India organized by Nandini Sonthalia and Anjali Dave.

Feedback from student Participants

Hello ma’am, I am Jahnavi Shah from grade 9, Baroda High School Alkapuri. The workshop we attended for maths was really amazing and mind churning and through that math became much easier to understand. The practice book really made learning algebra straightforward. I really feared for maths in 9th. I had doubts on several concepts like algreba but after referring the book and attending your workshop everyting just seemed a piece of cake for me. All the basic concepts were revised and learnt once more. Thank you very much ma’am for holding this seminar and to make maths a fun learning subject.
Hi. I am Kartik Patel from class 9 of BHS Alkapuri. We know that many students find maths very difficult. Maths is a complicated subject. But the workshop you conducted in our school regarding maths was extremely helpful for me. It refreshed my basics and the books you provided were also fun to solve. Your workshop not only helped me but many other students too and now all our concepts about maths are cleared. Thank you for taking this helpful initiative for students.
Hi ma'am I am Vishesh Patel of class 9 from Baroda High School Alkapuri. The workshop you conducted lately in the school for mathematics was awesome. We were able to understand difficult concepts with ease and learning maths was fun. This workshop helped me a lot for my exams. The books provided by you were also very helpful. Thank you so much for conducting this workshop!

Math Yes We Can at the Graduate Women International conference in Geneva, Switzerland, 2019

Rahael Koshy Jalan, Swati Bedekar and Nandini Sonthalia
Graduate Women International (GWI) conference, Geneva, Switzerland.
Math Yes We Can workshop at the 100th anniversary conference of GWI

Rahael Koshy Jalan, and Nandini Sonthalia
Rahael presented the workshop
“Successful Strategies for Teaching and Learning Mathematics while supporting Human Rights”
Math Yes We Can workshop at the 100th anniversary conference of GWI

Rahael Koshy Jalan, with delegates from Africa
Graduate Women International (GWI) conference, Geneva, Switzerland.
Math Yes We Can workshop at the 100th anniversary conference of GWI

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